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Flamenco dancing is a thunderous, soulful, sometimes melancholy dance that originated in Andalusia, Southern Spain. Watching these dancers expose their emotion and passion through their strong and precise motions is not only beautiful but extremely moving. Flamenco combines pride, strength, pain, and passion through aggressive but purposeful movements with the dancers’ feet.

Modern Flamenco dance is a fusion of Moorish, Andalusian, Egyptian, Roman, Indian and Spanish folk style dance that the gypsies brought with them while fleeing their homelands in the fifteenth century and developed over hundreds of years. The art of Flamenco has developed over time, but it has never lost its core Gitano “Gypsy” foundation. Gitano was the term for the gypsies that entered Andalusia from Egypt and loosely applied to the fellow travelers that included beggars, criminals, and runaway slaves, among others. These groups chose to disappear by being absorbed by the Gypsy communities. The common thread that bound these misfits together was persecution, and the emotion of this can be seen in the song, dance, and music of Flamenco. During the early nineteenth century, Flamenco dance became more accessible to the public through festivals and shows performed at performance theaters called cafe castanets, the first of which was opened in Seville in 1842.


Café Sevilla is home to the longest-running Flamenco Dinner show in Southern California. Every Friday and Saturday night, we offer a three-course dinner menu combined with a two-part Flamenco Dance performance. Our dancers are at the top of their field, having been trained in Spain and teaching their own Flamenco classes. These shows are a sensory indulgence of sight, sound, and taste, leaving our guests with a piece of truly Spanish culture. Marvel at the passion, beauty, and athleticism of this traditional art form as you enjoy an included dinner featuring our Shaved Jamón Serrano Ensalada Sevillana followed by our award-winning Paella Valenciana and Lemon Tart with Linguee Cherries for dessert. A tapas menu, full bar, eclectic wine list, and other menu upgrades are also available for à la carte purchase. 

$89.50 per person (price does not include tax, 20% tip and 5% surcharge which will be added to check at end of the show). Call 949-688-1555 to purchase tickets or you can purchase tickets at the link below. This is a prepaid show. Shows include a three-course dinner and nightclub entry. Doors open at 6 PM and seating is assigned prior to arrival at communal style seating like they do in Spain. Dinner show starts promptly at 6:30 PM. Please note, we cannot permit children under 10 to attend the show. Location of show is held in theater space or tapas bar based on business needs.

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Tickets are non-refundable. However, tickets can be canceled up to 8 days prior to the show but will be subject to a $15 cancellation fee. Tickets can also be transferred to another date up to 8 days prior to the show. Tickets can also be transferred to another party at any time before the show. Please call the reservations office at 949 688 1555 for ticket cancellations, date transfers or party transfers.

Flamenco Calendar and Performers

Saturday, January 7: Yaelisa, Jason McG, Evelyn, Angelica, Rhea

Saturday, January 14: Yvette, Bobby, Miguel B, Angelica, Rhea

Saturday, January 21: Gabriela, Marco, Jenny L, Rocio, Aithne

Saturday, January 28: Yvette, Antonio, Evelyn, Jenny, Rhea

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Yvette "La Sole"

Yvette Garcia "La Sole" Award-winning Flamenco Dancer, Instructor & Choreographer, from Andalucia, Spain. She is the artistic director of an extremely highly regarded Flamenco performance company: La Sole Flamenco. La Sole Flamenco is the only dance company in the greater L.A., O.C & I.E. under the direction of a true professional & internationally recognized award winning dancer, instructor, choreographer and performer from Andalucia, Spain. Yvette was a lecturer at the dance Dept. of the Cal Poly University and dance studio owner of International Arts Academy in Covina, then moved back to Spain and now recently returned in 2009 to teach and perform in Southern California.

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Lakshmi Basile "La Chimi"

Lakshmi Basile began performing at the age of six with her parents’ band “The Electrocarpathians”. She studied dance at a young age and grew up in the flamenco community of San Diego, where her passionate artistic character began to form. After performing as a flamenco dancer in California and studying classical dance at the University of California Santa Barbara, Lakshmi travelled to Spain at the age of 20 to complete her flamenco studies. She was nicknamed La Chimi, which is simply her own name repronounced. In recent years, Lakshmi Basile “La Chimi” became one of the first and only foreign artists in Spain to win a highly regarded national prize in, Concurso de las Minas de La Unión, 2011. Lakshmi Basile has found her substantial artistic career as a flamenco dancer, because that is what she is in her soul and heart. “Su baile es de una alegría conquistada” (Her dance is one of conquered joy) – Félix Grande, poet and flamencologist. “La única cosa americana que tiene es su pasaporte”, (The only American thing she has is her passport) – Ángel Ojeda, former Minister of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía.

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Gerardo Morales

Gerardo Morales is guitarist, percussionist, composer and recording artist from East Los Angeles who began playing guitar and percussion at 12 years old. He has traveled the world as a professional musician, including performing alongside such artists as Black Eyed Peas, Cristina Aguilera, Ozomatli, Kanye West, and with Nino and Isaac de los Reyes. In addition to studying Classical Guitar at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música Cristóbal de Morales in Sevilla, Spain, he also studied privately with Kenton Youngstrom of the Colburn School of Music, and highly regarded Spanish Flamenco guitarists El Entri, Kilino Jimenez, and Jesus de Rosario. Beyond Flamenco guitar, he has released two contemporary collaborative albums - Dreaming Awake (Morales.Lara), and Burning Star (Burning Star, artist collective). As part of Burning Star, Gerardo Morales has performed with many popular artists like Linkin Park, Blackalicious, Jurassic 5, Slum Village, Rakim, Raekwon, Cypress Hill, System of a Down, Saul Williams, Black Eyed Peas, Ozomatli, Mos Def, KRS One and numerous other worthy acts. He is an essential member of LA’s Subsuelo, and under his direction produces Flamenco, Latin, Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop shows throughout the country.  Gerardo Morales has worked on films including Toy Story 3, Little Fockers, and Think Like a Man.

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Angélica Paz Vásquez​

Paz Angélica Gutiérrez de Vázquez was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and began her studies in classical Spanish and Flamenco dance there at Las Cabales dance academy at the age of ten. She earned her title, Ejecutante de Danza Española, from Las Cabales and has been a professional Spanish and Flamenco dancer since the age of sixteen. She furthered her studies in Madrid at the Centro de Arte Flamenco y Danza Española “Amor de Dios” where she studied Classical Spanish dance with María Magdalena, Paco Romero, and Azorín, and Flamenco dance with Domingo Ortega, Joselillo Romero, Belén Fernández, Antonio Reyes, Ciro, Belén Maya, Alejandro Granados, Lola Greco, Manuel Reyes, Juana Amaya, “La chimi,” Yolanda Heredia, and “La Tati.” Angélica performed with the Compañía Nacional de Danza Las Cabales throughout Guadalajara and Mexico, and formed part of the group “Almoraima,” that was active in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico from 1994 to 1999. The group “Almoraima” performed throughout Mexico (Guadalajara, Celaya, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, La Paz) and briefly in Costa Rica. She currently choreographs for the Paso de Oro Dance Company, and teaches Classical Spanish and Flamenco dance at Studio Danza in Uptown Whittier and the Esencia Flamenco Studio.

Jaime Padilla

Bio coming soon...

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Alicia "Aithne"

Aithne has been performing and entertaining audiences since she was a child and has studied a variety of theatrical and dance forms. She began belly dancing with Nikkal Feyrouz of The Dancing Belly in 2010 and is a performer with Dangerous Elements Dance Company.

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Wendy Castellanos

Bio coming soon...

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Marcela Aguayo

Marcela Aguayo has been studying different dance forms for over 15 years including time spent in Seville, Spain. She has studied and performed with the top performers in the Los Angeles flamenco community.   For the last few years Marcela has been performing with Richard Chavez’ group at the close of the Santa Barbara Fiesta days at the El Paseo benefit show.  Marcela performs regularly in southern California flamenco tablaos: Alegria, El Cid, Tapas and Café Sevilla. Marcela feels it is an honor to be a part of the small flamenco community that transcends throughout southern California.

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Ana Quintero

Ana Quintero comes from a family of musicians and has been singing all her life. She began studying flamenco in 1993, and has been performing professionally for over twenty years with many recognized flamenco dancers.

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Ryan Rockmore

Ryan Rockmore is a flamenco performer, researcher, and educator in the Los Angeles area. Originally from New York, he began his flamenco studies with Victorio Korjhan, La Magdalena, and Maya de Silva, building upon extensive training in classical percussion. In 2011, Ryan lived in Sevilla for a year researching queerness in flamenco on a Fulbright grant and studied dance, singing, and percussion with Carmen Ledesma, Esperanza and Curro Fernández, La Choni, Miguel Vargas, Andrés Peña, and Jorge Pérez. He then moved to Madrid to study with Merche Esmeralda and Alfonso Losa, before getting his MA in Dance Anthropology at the University of Roehampton. In 2014, Rockmore returned to New York, where he co-founded Al Margen Flamenco as Teatro Círculo’s company-in-residence, inaugurated Flamenco Vivo’s artist-in-residence program, and performed around the Northeast, including Jacob’s Pillow, Dixon Place, Amore Opera, and Lincoln Center. In recent years, Ryan has received a Jerome Foundation Travel Study grant, published scholarly work, co-created four full-length flamenco productions, and choreographed solo and collaborative pieces. He moved to LA in 2019 to pursue further graduate study and now works in international higher education while maintaining his dance and research careers.

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Evelyn Nacif

Evelyn Nacif brings her beautiful and energetic flamenco experience to several venues in the Los Angeles area for the past ten years and is featured in the music video, Boy with a Coin. "I want the crowd to be more than just observers, I want them to be swept into the mystery that is Flamenco!" - Evelyn

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Marco Torres

Marco Torres is a Mexican-American flamenco guitarist. He is a regular on the YouTube channel, SoCal Frets and performs through out Southern California and Mexico. He has studied flamenco since he was a teenager. 

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Jason Ortiz “El Niño Bravo”

Bio coming soon...

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Kirsten Alonso “La Argentinita”

Kirsten La Argentinita daughter of Argentinian parents, grew up in SoCal. Graduated from UC Irvine, studied in Madrid at Universidad Carlos III Madrid and got her M.S at Cal State Dominguez Hills. She has been a student of Flamenco since she was 8 yrs old, has studied intensively with Yvette La Sole for over 14 years & has been a member of La Sole Flamenco for 10 years. She has performed throughout Southern California at Spanish restaurants, fairs and festivals. She performed for many years as a regular at the former Cafe sevilla of Riverside, and is a regular at Long Beach and Costa Mesa locations.

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Antonio Triana

Antonio Triana is the son of legendary Spanish choreographer Antonio Triana I. He has been featured at all the major artistic venues in the western United States, television appearances and performances as well as played  flamenco guitar for major symphonies and orchestras. Antonio has accompanied world renowned flamenco performers his entire life. Triana’s music is the purest expression of flamenco, with his own innovative arrangements and authenticity.

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Bobby de Sofia

Bio coming soon...

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Aya Usui

Aya was born in Japan and started learning flamenco when she lived in Boston. After moving to Southern California, Aya continued her flamenco journey.  Aya’s dance and performance is full of energy and passion that captures the essence of flamenco art.

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Rosal Ortega

Rosal Ortega, a native of Santa Barbara, CA. comes from a long line of dancers beginning with her grandfather and mother.  Destined to dance,  Rosal began ballet lesson at the age of 6.  Her passion for Spanish Classical and Flamenco dance grew and she traveled to Seville, Spain.  At the age of 13 after studying for a year she began dancing professionally in Sevilla.  Rosal has studied and performed in Spanish Dance companies as a featured artist with La Sole Flamenco, Clarita Corona and Arte Flamenco, Roberto Amaral, Cruz Luna, Luisa Triana, Juan Talavera's Flamenco Bravo and Paco and Yolanda Arroyo’s Flamenco troupe.  She has starred in many Flamenco venues in California and across the Mexican border.  She has toured the United States performing in concert theaters.  Rosal headed her own dance company and toured Japan for 6 months. Rosal graced the stages in Reno, Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas as a featured member of the Spanish Dance company with Cuchi, cuchi girl, Charo. Rosal also sings Flamenco and teaches Flamenco dance

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Shari Bonnin

Shari Bonnin has been dancing most of her life. She is a trained classical ballet and jazz dancer and danced in professional modern jazz and contemporary dance companies throughout the United States. The soulfulness and rhythms of flamenco drew her in over 20 years ago, and she’s been fortunate to find a flamenco home here in Southern California with great flamenco teachers from here as well as from Spain: Ricardo Chavez, Yvette Garcia, Justine Grover, Cihtli Ocampo, Lidón Patiño. She’s performed for many years at restaurants, festivals, stage shows, and private events but really loves the audience energy at Cafe Sevilla.

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Astra Cueto

Bio coming soon...

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Laura Villa

Bio coming soon...

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Omar Avalos Gallegos

Bio coming soon...

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Nikkal Feyrouz "Al Andaluz"

Belly Dancing Performer and Coach Nikkal Feyrouz "Al Andaluz" has been dancing for the better part of a two decades creating an exciting atmosphere of charismatic passion and playful interpretation of music. Her styles range from Folkloric, Cabaret, and Egyptian to Taksims, Lebanese, Turkish Kashlimar and American Tribal. Nikkal personalized lessons and instruction to students online and in person.

She is the Bellydancing Artistic Director for Dangerous Elements Dance Company and leads the performers for Sevilla in the San Diego, Costa Mesa and Long Beach flamenco dinner shows.

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May & Michelle have studied belly dance for over a decade. Their passion for the art of Raqs Sharqi(Egyptian-style dance) is evident every time when they cross the stage with a beaming stage presence and lavish costumes. Their dance background includes Chinese traditional dance, jazz, ballet and ballroom dancing. They are current member of Shabana belly dace company and multi-award winning dance competitors! M & M both perform as a troupe and as soloists.

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Thea is an award winning dancer and musician from Los Angeles, CA. She is an online influencer with over 100 million views on her Youtube channel. She has performed the art of bellydance since 2002 and is delighted to share her dancing with you.

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