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Travel to Spain With Us

You might not be able to travel there by plane, but you can take a virtual tour of Spain with us!

Hey friends? How’s it going with the social distancing and (hopefully) staying home? It’s going to be a challenge, but we are sure that we will be able to get through it together! If you are hungry for content, you are in the right place. We will be sharing some of our favorite Spanish experiences with you, whether it’s flamenco dancing in Sevilla or visiting the 12 Windmills of La Mancha... and you can do it right from the convenience of your own couch. We hope to be opening our doors again soon... until then, safe travels!

IMAGE: Cervantes the writer: TEXT: DESTINATION: Take a tour of Cervantes’ Spain ​ Discover the places the Spanish author depicted in Don Quixote including the Windmills of La Mancha and the Cave of Montesinos.​  SEVILLA’S CONNECTION: You can see Pablo Picasso’s artwork, “Don Quixote,” featured on our menus and in artworks hanging in the restaurant.

IMAGE: Winery. TEXT: DESTINATION: La Mejorada Winery and Vineyards Take a virtual tour of a winery located in a former 15th-century monastery, restored by Architect Rafael Moneo   SEVILLA’S CONNECTION: Cafe Sevilla offers a carefully curated wine list featuring Spanish wineries with heritage stories going back hundreds of years. We invite you into our cellar to imbibe and discover some new favorites.

IMAGE: Food Map of Spain: TEXT: DESTINATION: Explore the Food Map of Spain Spain is an amalgam of different histories, landscapes and cultures, all of which have had a lasting impact on the nation's music, art, literature and - of course - food. From the tomato fight to tapas, Spanish food is more than just a meal, it's a cultural phenomenon.​​  SEVILLA’S CONNECTION:​ Cafe Sevilla offers a selection of over 30 different tapas from regions all over Spain.

IMAGE: Wine Vineyard. TEXT: Destination: Explore the Torres Vineyards in Penedès - Torres is the most admired wine brand in Europe, and for good reason. The Torres family has been the guardian of the same landscape for five generations, with the philosophy that “the more we care for our earth, the better our wine.” Take some time to explore their vineyards.​  SEVILLA’S CONNECTION: If you’ve dined at Sevilla, chances are you’ve enjoyed a glass or a bottle of Torres wine. We believe that Torres is very representative of Spanish wines and have partnered with them for many years.  ​

IMAGE: Man exploring garden with pigs. TEXT: DESTINATION: Explore Dehesa Meadows Where Ibé​rian Pigs Graze - Explore the meadows where Cinco Jotas 100% Ibérian pigs graise on acorns, giving the ham a nuanced flavor that distinguishes it as the finest jamón in the world.    SEVILLA’S CONNECTION: Our very own Maestro Cortador "Master Carver," Raymond Pereira, carves this Spanish delicacy table-side at Cafe Sevilla. Raymond spent several weeks at Cinco Jotas studying the art of carving jamón and has toured these same meadown several times over.

IMAGE: Museum with Art. TEXT: DESTINATION: Explore Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, Spain - The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía is Spain's national museum of 20th-century art, housing artworks by Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí and Juan Gris. It is also home to Picasso’s famous “Guernica,” shown below.     SEVILLA’S CONNECTION: Cafe Sevilla’s founder, Janet Huidibro, is a huge fan of the arts, and is a talented artist herself. You will find at least one artwork by Janet in each of our restaurant locations.

IMAGE: Man dancing: TEXT: DESTINATION: History of Flamenco at the Instituto Andaluz del Flamenco - Learn why flamenco is considered an attitude to life, an individual and collective act of resistance.   SEVILLA’S CONNECTION: Cafe Sevilla offers flamenco dinner shows every weekend. These shows are a sensory indulgence of sight, sound, and taste, leaving our guests with a piece of truly Spanish culture.

IMAGE: Saffron. TEXT: DESTINATION: Harvest Saffron at Castile-La Mancha - Tour these beautiful saffron flower fields in Southern Spain that have been a family run business for centuries and learn the delicate harvesting process that makes saffron the most expensive spice in the world.   SEVILLA’S CONNECTION: Cafe Sevilla is proud to be the largest purchaser of saffron on the west coast. Using quality saffron in our dishes is a difference that you can taste. In our new Costa Mesa location, you can see a single year's use of saffron tins on display in our Barcelona room.

IMAGE: Chef Ferran Adria on Cover of Magazines. TEXT: DESTINATION: elBulli, the Most Famous Restaurant in the World - Considered the world's most famous restaurant, elBulli created a gastronomic experience for its' guests. Learn more about the restaurant that was named the world's best restaurant five years in a row and then promptly closed at the height of it's popularity.  Ferran Adrià, chef behind elBulli, understood that food was about the overall experience, not just about what was served on the plate. At Cafe Sevilla, our interpretation of Spanish dining is about so much more than exceptional food; it’s about the hospitality, the service, the ambiance, and the atmosphere that together capture the true essence of Spain.

IMAGE: Man in San Sebastian, Spain. TEXT:  DESTINATION: San Sebastian - Framed by golden beaches and lush hillsides, San Sebastián has undeniable allure, from its venerable dining scene to its grand architecture and packed cultural calendar. SEVILLA’S CONNECTION: Did you know… we recognize our team’s hard work and commitment to Sevilla by awarding 2 employees a full expenses paid trip to Spain for them and a guest for a week each year! Here is a picture of our employees touring San Sebastian last year!

IMAGE:  Pulpo a la Gallega in a Dish. TEXT: DESTINATION: Cuisine of Basque Country - The Basque Country, located on the border with France, is a pleasure for the senses. Its regional cuisine, its avant-garde, its sea and garden produce, its beef, and its "pintxo" tapas have made it one of the world's most interesting tourist and gastronomic destinations. SEVILLA’S CONNECTION: Sevilla's menu draws heavily from the Basque region, with several incredible dishes that draw from sea and garden like our Seafood Paella Marinera, Pulpo a la Gallega and Basque Sausage Soup.

IMAGE: Dish of Paella. TEXT: DESTINATION: Prepare Paella Valenciana with a Masterchef - Join Masterchef judge Samantha Valleji and YouTube star Kikillo as they prepare Paella Valenciana. SEVILLA’S CONNECTION: Sevilla offers five different paellas, made with authentic saffron, bomba rice and lobster stock prepared in-house, of course. Each is a family recipe from the founders, who hail from Spain and took no shortcuts in preparing this traditional Spanish dish.

IMAGE:  Salvador Dali painting. TEXT: DESTINATION: Salvador Dalí in Spain - Salvador Dalí, Spain was the initial and final stage of his career. If the first introduced him to the world, the last served to create the myth of the modern artist par excellence. SEVILLA’S CONNECTION: If you look around while dining at Cafe Sevilla, chances are that you will see an artwork by Salvador Dalí on our decorative walls.

IMAGE: Spanish Marketplace. TEXT: DESTINATION: Markets in Spain - Look, smell, touch, and buy. The markets that flourished Spain during the early 20th century are now places where local produce, cuisine, and leisure go hand in hand. Full of surprises for the senses, they form part of the tourist experience attracting visitors to cities throughout Spain. SEVILLA’S CONNECTION: Markets in Spain are a feast of colors and flavors, which translates directly to the food. Sevilla focuses on delivering small bites with big flavors, a colorful reflection of the markets in Spain.

IMAGE: Woman Doing. TEXT: DESTINATION: Nightlife in Barcelona and Beyond - Nocturnal City examined the state of nightlife and its influence. By connecting discussions in London with other world cities including Berlin, Barcelona and Manchester, through installations, panel talks and  performances, the series explored how urban hubs and communities can learn from each other to create new cultural standards. SEVILLA CONNECTION: You too can party like the Spaniards do at Sevilla’s “Tapas Bar Live,” where you can enjoy live music, dancing and late night dining! Offering a variety of local talent performing live Latin, Salsa, Flamenco, Rumba and Gypsy King Style Music. Transition to the nightclub,​ offering a unique atmosphere with the best in live entertainment including turn-table DJ's, live bands, dance instructors and more! ​

IMAGE: Tomatoes in Jars. TEXT: DESTINATION: Incorporating Gourmet Canned Food In the Kitchen - Spain has had a thriving, high-quality canned food industry since the 19th century. Canned foods allow people to enjoy seasonal produce at any time of year, and can be eaten as a snack or quick meal, or used to prepare sophisticated dishes more easily. Join chefs Pepe Solla and Juan Antonio Medina in the kitchen as they showcase some original and surprising recipes using canned fish and vegetables. SEVILLA’S CONNECTION: Sevilla offered a "Spanish Cannery Menu" in late 2015, giving guests a truly authentic Spanish culinary experience that is hard to find in the US. Canned seafood, or what is sometimes called "Latillas" (little cans), is a Spanish culinary tradition and we were excited share it with our guests.

IMAGE: Tapas on a Plate. TEXT: The Art of Tapas - A fixture of Spanish society for centuries, tapas are a custom that has evolved since the late 20th century to become a world-famous gastronomical model, reaching far beyond Spanish borders. SEVILLA’S CONNECTION: Tapas are an important part of the overall experience when you dine at Sevilla. Sevilla is all about the tapas experience and offers over 30 different tapas from regions all over Spain. This particular style of eating is known as "tapear" or "going for tapas," and is based on informal gatherings and socializing with friends and acquaintances.

IMAGE: a close up of food. TEXT: DESTINATION: Explore Spanish Comfort Food in Inland Spain - Game dishes, soups, pork products, vegetable stews, roasts, and even offal: inland Spain's cuisine boasts rich and varied produce that is reflected in hearty, tasty recipes filled with history and tradition.​​ SEVILLA’S CONNECTION: Hearty stews and roast meats are common threads linking the entire region, and Sevilla showcases this perfectly with our Basque Sausage Soup made with morcilla de cebolla, paprika, chickpeas, red kale and shallots in a rich hearty broth.

IMAGE: Pan con Tomate on a Table. TEXT: DESTINATION: Green Gold: Innovations in Olive Oil Production - Spain is the largest producer of olive oil worldwide. Savour the story of the evolving technology behind one of the world's favourite staple foods. SEVILLA’S  CONNECTION: Good quality olive oil is a staple in our cooking, and we do not take any shortcuts. Olive oil is one of the key components in our Pan con Tomate. Pan con Tomate is traditionally a humble dish, using only a handful of ingredients, so quality olive oil is key and we use only the highest quality olive oil to drizzle over this famous Catalan dish.

IMAGE: Prince Rainier of Monaco in a newspaper. TEXT: DESTINATION: Andalusia: A Movie Destination - Andalusia, in the south of Spain, is the region with the highest number of inhabitants and the second in extension. A rich and diverse landscape, a mild weather, good beaches and the hospitable nature of the people there have made it become one of the most attractive regions for tourism ever since the 19th century. SEVILLA’S  CONNECTION: Chef Sergio, who worked with us for several years, was born in Andalusia. He brought the Andalusian way of cooking into our kitchen and influenced many dishes that are still on our menu today.

IMAGE: Gaudi's Sagrada Familia Basilica. TEXT:  DESTINATION: Discover the Unique Architecture of Antoni Gaudi - Antoni Gaudí i Cornet was a Catalan architect known as the greatest exponent of Catalan Modernism. Gaudí's works have a highly individualized, one-of-a-kind style. Take a tour of 11 of the architect's most well-known buildings through Google Street View. SEVILLA’S  CONNECTION: Our restaurant manager, Mike Parada, was one of 2 employees to win Sevilla's full expenses paid trip to Spain for them and a guest last year due to his incredible work at Sevilla. Here is a picture of him at the famous Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudi's still unfinished basilica masterpiece in Barcelona.

✈️  DESTINATION: Explore Spain's Sweet Side - A Tradition of Its Own in Cakes, Pastries, and Desserts       💃🏼SEVILLA’S  CONNECTION: Our dessert menu includes many traditional confections from different regions of Spain. Favorites include our Leche Frita, a traditional dessert from the North of Spain, as well as our Crema Catalana, the Catalan Crème Brûlée, which is one of Catalonia's most time-honored desserts, with evidence of its existence going back to the 14th century. A popular Andalusian dessert that we recently added to our menu is churros con chocolate... many spaniards eat this for breakfast and you can find it on our dessert and brunch menu for this very reason!

✈️  DESTINATION: What is Flamenco Guitar - Learn Why the Sound of the Flamenco Guitar is so Unique and Truly Unmistakable   💃🏼SEVILLA’S CONNECTION: Sevilla has supported the local music scene for over 30 years, and the star of the show has traditionally been the flamenco guitar. You can enjoy accomplished classical, jazz and rock guitarist Luis Carlos in Sevilla's tapas bar several nights a week. Emmy award winners and Grammy nominated artists perform in SoCal Rumba at Sevilla, which blends Spanish guitar, Spanish vocals and Salsa percussion. Joef, a member of the Gipsy King Family, plays guitar in the tapas bar and also performs at our flamenco dinner shows on the weekends. And of course, The Gipsy Kings have been known to stop in to perform at Sevilla throughout the years.

✈️  DESTINATION: How Spanish Manchego Cheese Is Made - Learn How Manchego Cheese is Made at a 200-Year-Old Dairy in La Mancha         💃🏼SEVILLA’S  CONNECTION: Spaniards love their cheese, and Sevilla's menu reflects this obsession. We offer the finest Manchego, Mahón, Cabrales Blue and Crottin on our Platter de Quesos, each with their own delicate accompaniment to scent the flavors like fresh honeycomb and Spanish quince paste. A guest favorite is our melty Queso Fundido, made with Manchego and goat cheese and served hot from the oven.